University Of Washington Clubs:

Climbing Club


 The Climbing Club is an organization focusing on rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, scrambling, hiking, snowshoeing, and any other mountain sport. If it's on a mountain, we probably do it! 

Car Club at UW


 We unite University of Washington students who share the same passion and enthusiasm for cars and car culture, providing a common interest community on campus to enrich students' lives. 

Bird Club at UW


 Our bird watching club will explore the native birds of the greater Seattle area through field excursions and discussion. Open to all levels of birding enthusiasts! 

International Law Society


Bring together students who are interested in the practice of international law from both business and public interest perspectives.

Board Games at UW


 Our purpose is to spread the board gaming culture at the University of Washington and to provide social fun through a variety of board and card games. 

Anti Cinema Cinema Club


 For appreciating underappreciated movies, and for fun and bonding