More About LocalPlus

App Features

Calendar Syncing


The LocalPlus app is able to sync your current events on your phone calendar. This can be useful when trying to prevent event overlaps or double-bookings.

Time Selection


LocalPlus's software will ensure that the only times available to select for your events are ones that are open for the entire group.

Location Suggestions


LocalPlus is capable of finding local restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and much more, prioritizing happy hours and promotional deals for you to take advantage of.

Group Voting


Having trouble deciding the exact time to hold your meeting? Put it to a vote! The app allows for everyone in the group to vote on a time that works best for them.



After creating an event, you can send announcements/ messages to the entire group! 

Recurring Events


If you have events or meetings that happen on a weekly or even daily basis, don't sweat it! LocalPlus allows you to create "recurring events" rather than submitting a new event entry each time.